Cannabis Seeds Direct From Amsterdam

Welcome to T-Boat Coffeeshop Seeds, T-Boat was one of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam for many many years, formally situated in a boat on the canals of Amsterdam. Sadly the boat is no longer a coffeeshop, however T-Boat lives on as a high quality distributer of cannabis seeds.

Marijuana seeds are a live product and we cannot guarantee that every seed will germinate. However, all seeds are carefully selected, WE ONLY supply from reputable, respected and well known genetics and our collection of Marijuana seeds is known all over the world for the high quality and excellent germination rates. Please note germination of these seeds is illegal in some countries. With legislation concerning the legality of this collection being inconsistent, contradictory and ever changing across the globe, T-boat strongly advises all potential customers to check their national guidelines before placing any orders. All customers are responsible for their own actions. T-boat has no wish to include anyone to act in conflict with the law and cannot be responsible for those who do. The T-boat will make sure to pack and send every order under the most secure circumstances.

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